55 Gene Test Kit

We've partnered with an amazing nutrigenomic lab to run a custom panel of genetic tests.  There are multiple tests available depending on your specific question.  We suggest the 55-gene test which provides a more in-depth genetic assessment.

These tests examine different genes controlling multiple biochemical processes in the body.  Additional information about the genetic testing is available through our laboratory partner, GXSciences

Contact us today for a free consultation or click below to get started by ordering your personalized kit today.  The kit will be sent to your home or business.  You will collect your saliva sample and return the kit to the lab for processing (pre-paid return envelope included).  Within 7-10 business days, we receive your results and schedule a time to speak about the findings.  The cost of the test includes the consultation which is available for $519.00

Getting started: Targeted Metabolic Support Vitamins and Minerals

It's a simple process to get started with Targeted Metabolic Support for genetic diagnosis, vitamins and minerals recommendations, and discount supplements

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